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Spray Nozzles Australia

Spray nozzle products

If you are looking for nozzles suitable to your industry or application, Spraytech Systems manufactures and supplies a wide range of spray nozzles to suit your industry’s needs.

We offer spray nozzles for industry applications such as:

  • Humidification
  • Cleaning
  • Cooling systems
  • Tank cleaning
  • Injection
  • Lubrication
  • Stripping
  • Dust suppression
  • Coating

Spraytech Systems is the leading supplier of spray nozzles in Australia. With over 20 years’ industry-earned experience, Spraytech Systems can help you to invest in the right solution for your business. Our teams are on hand to assist you with the design, build, operation and maintenance of your spray nozzle system.

Contact us to discuss your nozzle requirements or simply call us on (08) 9259 4350 with your required market applications today.

Adjustable Hand Nozzles

We have a range of adjustable hand-held hose nozzles available. Call us for details!

Full Cone Nozzles

Full cone nozzles Type B provide an even spray distribution over a circular or square area .

Multi-Head Misting Nozzles

Multi-head nozzles Type 7B have seven removable and cleanable spray tips. They generate a fine mist spray over a large area.

Nozzle Tip Assemblies

A tip body, retainer and filter can be used in conjunction with many types of nozzle spray tips, and a variety of materials thread sizes and filters is available .

High Impact Nozzles

High Impact nozzles Type CD4 give a powerful flat spray for longer throw and high impact cleaning.

Large Full Cone Nozzles

High capacity full cone nozzes type AB1 and AB3 are made from cast stainless steel, and are suitable for applications requiring a higher flow rate, including industrial and chemical processes.

Flat Spray Nozzles

Flat spray nozzles and tips Type C are a simple and effective design of nozzle; they are available in the widest range of sizes and capacities.

Bitumen Spraying

Nozzles Type N are accepted for spraying liquid tar, binders and sealers, emulsion or water onto roads or footpaths. Centre nozzles, end nozzles and end nozzles for the WA specification are available.

Axial Hollow Cone Nozzles

Axial hollow cone nozzles Type A7 are available with 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4" BSP(M) thread

Air Atomising Nozzles

Atomiser nozzles offer a versatile spraying solution for industries that require even coverage at low fluid pressure rates and are ideal in applications where a very fine spray is required. Due to the precision of pressurised flow volumes, atomising spray nozzles offer better results with the added benefits of a rapid on-off control system, which allows for a more precise spraying application. Spraytech Systems manufacture and supply a series of atomising spray nozzles that produce a mixture of spray patterns, which are available in either a flat flan-, mist hollow- or full cone nozzle. Depending on your particular industry, air atomising nozzles offer greater coverage and full surface applications when applying: Liquids  Lubricants  Odorants Coating Chemicals Air Nozzles Spraytech Systems’ air nozzles help to reduce excessive air consumption and noise levels by providing a controlled spraying system that allows for rapid on-off control, as well as delivering a more precise spraying application across a broad range of industries. Air induction nozzles produce smaller droplets, which greatly reduce troublesome drifts and result in a better spray coverage with every application. Our extensive product ranges are available in metal plated brass and stainless steel grades, as well as various other materials that are available on request. For a detailed description of all our air spray nozzles, please select your option from the product list below.  

Air and Steam Tips

Tips Type C5, as well as CD3 nozzles and DH tips, are suitable for use with gases such as air, steam and CO2.


Euspray also manufacture filters, including self-cleaning models. Call us for details!

Hydraulic Atomising Nozzles

Hydraulic atomising nozzles Type MX and tips Type CX use high fluid pressure to provide the finest atomisation for dust suppression and humidification applications.

Fogging Nozzles

High-quality misting nozzles are ideal for cooling, humidifying, moistening and evaporative cooling applications

Air Blowing Nozzles

Taifujet air blowing nozzles produce a powerful blast of air with minimal noise for blowing dust, liquids and swarf.

Narrow Full Cone Nozzles

Narrow angle full cone nozzles Type B7 and BB7 create a concentrated higher impact spray pattern with a longer throw.

Plastic Flood Nozzles

For low pressure, high flow rate washing applications. Colour-coded according to their size, they are available in the wide cobra-head, mini and micro flood varieties.

Ceramic Nozzles

Nozzles Type CP and VNP are fitted with an orifice insert of precision made and hard-wearing ceramic to ensure power and precision. They are available with either a flat spray or solid stream spray pattern.

Deflected Hollow Cone Nozzles

Deflected hollow cone nozzles Type A5 are used to spray and spread fluid on the inside of tubes and similar applications.

Self Cleaning Nozzles

Self-cleaning nozzles Type C6 generate a flat spray pattern. When the fluid pressure drops, a spring opens the nozzle to allow it to drain and purge build-up and sediment.

High Pressure Nozzles

High pressure misting and spray nozzle products High pressure spray nozzles utlise high flow rates to flush away stubborn debris and grime, as well as delivering an optimised cleaning performance solution for indoor- and outdoor high pressure applications for a wide range of industries. We offer a selection of pressure nozzles which are ideally suited for: Fire safety Power generation Food- and chemical processing Oil and gas Petrochemicals Pollution control Spraytech Systems manufactures and supplies high pressure mist- and spray nozzles constructed from hardened stainless steel. Our selection of high pressure nozzles are available in a wide range of aperture sizes, and offer varied degrees of spraying angles that deliver optimum results in applications such as high pressure cleaning and industrial washing. For a detailed description of all our high pressure nozzles, please select your option from the product list below.

Spiral Nozzles

Spiral nozzles Type B9 have a high flow capacity for their size. They give a semi-full cone spray pattern over a wide range of pressures, and offer better resistance to blockage and easy maintenance.

Split Eyelets

Split eyelet connectors Type FAS provide a quick and convenient way to fix spray nozzles to pipework systems.


Swivels Type AP allow adjustment for nozzle spray directions to be made simply and easily.

Tangential Type Nozzles

Tangential nozzles Type A1 and A3 use a whirl chamber to produce a hollow cone spray. A full cone spray is available using nozzles Type BB5 and BB6.

Tank and Tube Cleaning

Spraytech Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tank washing nozzles that deliver optimised tank cleaning solutions for a wide range of industries. Our tank cleaning nozzles are available in four precision designs suitable for a range of tank cleaning operations that require optimal impact and repetition washing to aid in the removal of debris and contaminants. Spraytech Systems’ tank washing nozzles are vital in industry applications such as: Brewing Distilling Chemical processing Food processing Manufacturing Petrochemical From gentle rinsing applications to tough built-up residue removal, our industrial tank cleaning nozzles help clean tanks faster and more efficiently, providing reliable and effective clean in place applications where it’s needed most. For a detailed description of our tank cleaning nozzles, please select your option from the product list below.

Threaded Disc Nozzles

Threaded disc nozzles Type C8 are highly compact nozzles used where space is limited, such as in shower pipes or filters.

Turbo Jet Nozzles

High pressure water jetting nozzles with rotating ceramic jet nozzles. Please call or email for information

Ultra High Pressure Nozzles

Ultra High Pressure Nozzles are capable of operating at up to 40,000 psi. Precision-made using special materials including diamond and sapphire jets. Call us for details!

Wide Flat Spray Nozzles

Deflected wide flat spray nozzles Type CD3 and tips Type DH are used for wetting products and surfaces over a wide angle and at a low pressure. Also suitable for gases such as air, steam and CO2.

Contact us to discuss your nozzle requirements or simply call us on (08) 9259 4350 with your required market applications today.